Sunday, 29 April 2012

Getty Images Gallery: Marilyn.

Today I went to see the Marilyn exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery, along Oxford Street. It was amazing to be in the presence of these garments, knowing that Marilyn once had worn them. After seeing them all countless times on screen and to then have the costumes and dresses in front of me, as well as some of the never-before-seen photographs, was an experience that has heightened my appreciation for the Hollywood starlet even more.

For more photographs visit my Flickr.

Photographs show the negligee Marilyn wore in Niagara, the black embellished dress in Some Like It Hot, the embellished ivory costume in There's No Business Like Show Business and the cream gown from The Prince and The Showgirl. As well as the red sequin dress in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the costume worn in
Bus Stop. 


  1. What a stunning looknig exhibition! I have no idea this was on - definitely going to see if I can make it, the clothes are just breathtaking!

    1. Yeah, it's just along Oxford Street, and it was free! Not sure if it's on anymore though xx