Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Final Major Project Research. Portbello Market.

As part of the final major project, I have, after careful consideration, decided that I am going to create lingerie garments that are reminiscent of a previous era. The concept of the project, is to create an identity within the final pieces. Ultimately, I wish to produce a set/ installation of these garments to reflect the identity of an absent person from another period in time, as well provoke a sense of nostalgia.

As part of research, I spent the day browsing and photographing the little vintage shops and stalls of Portobello road. Took some really lovely photographs that encapsulate the aesthetics and the mood of what I want to ultimately create for the final piece. Also bought some beautiful vintage lace and chiffon material that'll be used to make the lingerie pieces.


  1. Really, i love ur desings and ur clothes :3 i follow u babe

  2. Ah my first blog comment! Thankyou so much :) x