Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Colour Project: Experimentation.

So after today's tutorial with my group, we experimented with some of the samples we all brought in. Together we've come up with a really beautiful colour palette - a combination of pastel pinks, blues, deep purples, indigo's and we want to integrate silver in there too. For Silhouette, we're inspired by crystals and hair, hard and angular intwined with soft and delicate shapes. For detailing, we're thinking industrial inspired fastenings, silver bolts, nails, pins etc. contrasting with the delicate aesthetic. We want to create a capsule collection for Spring/Summer.

Here are few images of us experimenting with colours and printing...

Inspiration for silhouette - crystals and minerals, taking suggestions of silhouette from the shards of glass and different formations... useful in terms of garment length perhaps. Working with the concept of weathering and wearing out. Asymmetrical in structure, top heavy.

The concept of breaking up materials and reforming them. Samples above - Polly Giedrojc

Dye samples and sketchbook work - Emily Roberts

Experimenting with an array of pastel shades.

Delicate, smoke-like imagery on top of gridded paper - in terms of theme - exploring the idea of measuring, the concept of us constantly trying to measure and figure out the natural world around us. Grid sample - Kaylah.

Painting on top of recycled, ironed plastic, printed onto paper... created this beautiful texture that resembles that of skin. Print samples - Jessica Haughton

Print samples - Jessica Haughton

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