Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Waste Project/ Co-Oproduct.

What is Co-Oproduct?

The other project I've been working on was in partnership with Co-Oproduct; an online platform that focus on creative re-use of everyday waste, where people post Make-It-Yourself tutorials on how to produce new products from raw materials. As part of the project, we were required to make a garment out of waste, influenced by aspects of our trend. (See The Colour Project for our Trend Forecast).

Interpreting the Brief...

Experimentation: I chose to use white plastic bags because I found that they had alot of potential in terms of the delicate, glossy aesthetic. Using tesco bags and white bin liners, I produced this beautiful leather-like texture. Taking aspects from the trend project, such as the Industrial detailing (curtesy of Paulina Geidrojc) I added steel hinge fastenings to the front of the garment.

I began experimenting by collecting white plastic Tesco bags and bin liners, as I knew I wanted to create a garment that was pure + lucid in colour and more decorative on its surface. I appreciated the potential of the delicate, glossy aesthetic of the plastic, and through layering and ironing the bags, I discovered that the heat produced this beautiful, ruffled, leather-like texture. I then went on to create a garment out of the material, using nothing but an iron to create the fabric, and bond the seams together.

Below: a few shots of the creative processes that went into making the Plastic Bag Box Top. Full DIY tutorial can be found HERE on my Co-Oproduct profile.

Garment Design/ Photography: Jessica Leigh Haughton
Ideas for Industrial Fastenings: Paulina Giedrojc
Model: Chloe Bampton

The piece was a success, as I took my waste products, broke them down and moulded them into a new textile, creating a basic, conventional garment that was completely unrecognisable as a plastic bag. So far developed from it's 'natural', initial state. A garment that incorporated fashion design techniques, but a simple enough construction method that can then be replicated through DIY tutorials, by anyone at home. Sticking to the ethos of Co-oproduct and the essence of sharing creative ideas within a community, I produced my own textile out of waste, creating a garment that is wearable and long-lasting.

The garment was even chosen as one of four out of the year group, to be photographed as part of a professional shoot!

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