Monday, 9 April 2012

Embellished Kimono & Satin Lace Pieces.

Shots of the embellished chiffon kimono.

As well as creating lingerie pieces such as bralettes and tap pants, I thought I would create some sort of kimono to go with them. Having purchased a light chiffon material from a vintage shop, I realised it was too thin to make underwear out of, but it was the perfect fabric to produce a kimono. Also, in the process of trying to figure out which lingerie pieces will be placed on the mannequin, and how the installation will appear in the exhibition space. The photographs above show the cream satin pieces as well.

To accompany the lingerie garments in the exhibition, I created photography pieces too, of my model (Laura Marie Keogh) wearing the cream satin pieces. From the shoot, I chose the three strongest photos and framed them, to hang on the wall in the exhibition space.

To see the photographs from the shoot... 

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