Sunday, 8 April 2012

Vintage Lace Bralettes.

Collection of vintage lace I picked up at Portobello market. Using this vintage scarf I created the bralet below...

Shots of the vintage lace, embellished bralette

Using the vintage lace I bought at Portobello, I created this bralette and embellished it with little pearls, all of which was completed by hand. The high-waisted shorts were created using a light chiffon material, cut from the lining of an old dress.

Shots of the satin/lace bra with matching high-waisted knickers.

 Out of all the pieces created, these two are definitely my favourite. The cream satin lining used for these pieces, was originally a dressing gown I found in Oxfam and picked up for £3! And the lace was from a vintage store.

Deciding to create garments for this project, has made me realise that I want to go into Fashion Design for the degree next year. I feel it suits me perfectly, as my talents lie within drawing/ illustrating, as well as sewing and working with different textures and materials. It also leaves the opportunity open to still include other media's i'm passionate about: photography and film.

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