Sunday, 10 March 2013

Trend Forecast/ Presentation Prep.

The Colour Project

Trend Forecast

The first part of my second uni project (The Colour Project) is to produce a presentation for our prediction of a trend forecast. Here I explain how the group and I worked together to explore themes/ concepts, as well as look into silhouette, colour palettes and details/styles, to ultimately predict a trend for Spring/Summer 2014.

Theme/ Concepts


Inspired by crystals and minerals; the natural formations within the fragments and shards creating suggestions for silhouettes.

Deriving shapes out of the erosion of elements and the harshness of weathering. Resulting in silhouettes that were angular and asymmetrical.

Colour Palette 

A combination of pastel pinks, blues, deep purples and indigo's, with slices of silver. 
Soft, powered pinks and blues in correlation with childhood, memories and dreams. Within our technological age, a comment on how digital media effects ones experience and memory.
In reference to the universe, the concept of time/space and the speed at which we live. Calming hues of purples and indigo's a suggestion of slowing down. Integrating metallics, highlighting industrialisation and the rate of consumption.

Detailing and Styling

Exploring metallics, with chunky silver fastenings such as bolts, screws, locks etc. Chunky, hard and angular, in reference to Industrialisation, factory-made, speed of consumption.

 The weathered, earthly components that inspired silhouette and colour palette create contrast with the overlaying of pixelated prints. This is where angular, hard details meet the delicate aesthetic.

The grid effect resembles pixelation found within digital media; exploring the idea of order, the concept of us constantly trying to measure and make sense of the natural world around us.

Here's a link to our Presentation...

Trend Forecast - Spring/Summer 2014 - Industrial Skies

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