Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Colour Project. Change in Direction.

Everything for the Colour Project thus far has been a group effort. Now that our presentation is over and we've completed the trend forecast as a group, the next stage is to continue the project individually, adding other elements of our own.

Concept & Theme

As part of my concept and theme, I will explore the effects of technology on childhood, and how digital media somewhat corrupts personal experience and memory. How virtual simulations have taken over the essence of physical play.


Artificial Environments
Digital Simulation
Immersive Interaction
Synthetic Illustions
Computer Generated


Physical Existence
Senses - to see, hear, taste, touch.
Self Sufficient Existence 

Colour Palette 

Continuing with child-like pastel colours combined with sorbet yellows, peaches and mint greens. Perhaps working in metallics e.g. silver in relation to the theme of technology.

Details & Styling

Looking into dip dying and experimenting with graduation of colour, for example, a bright shade that then fades into white, or paler, duller version of itself. Capturing a graduating effect, starting off bright, vivid and turning into a duller, lifeless tone, expressing the effects of technology on ones experience and memory through graduation of changing colours.

In terms of details, I will look into computerised, electronic inspired fastenings; experimenting with wires, keyboard buttons, plugs, sockets etc.


Embodying the effects of technology in silhouette, as constricting ones senses, for instance, restriction of eye-sight by covering the face/ the sense of touch, by covering the hands. Ultimately creating a shape that expresses the idea that one is suffocated and separated from the real world, being so captivated and consumed in their artificial, digital environments.

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